Sunday, December 11, 2005

Professional Internet Mapping

Professional Internet Maps

Business Websites need to have a professional quality when it comes to displaying important information such as, about a company, what the company does, and even the location and directions on how the business can be found.

Professional Internet Marketing

Finding a business online is half the battle. The other half is getting the marketing message across. Once that message is delivered and a potential customer wants to visit your manufacturing plant or sales office, it is important to have a well designed map with detailed instructions on how to get there from any location.

A business has several options. They could have a graphic design artist create a map and then load it to the website. Another is to use one of the online mapping programs.

Professional Online Mapping Considerations

One of the keys with a professional website is to have a map that is not cluttered by a ton of advertisements from others. The best mapping service for this is the Google Maps. Although Google does display advertisements on their maps there are ways of displaying only the main address information. This can provide a clean slate so-to-speak. The mapping software can also generate directions from any location. If as a business you would like to provide links for surrounding hotels, other items of interest, or even the local Costco, additional map links can be used to show this information as well.

Other online mapping services do exist but in my opinion the others do not provide the same sort of professional online business brand that Google Maps provides.

So, if your company is a meeting place for prospects and customers it would be wise to provide a quality map that will make a good professional business impression.

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