Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Internet Marketing Eyes

"Help, I can't see... the font size is too small on your website."

Target Internet Marketing Considerations

Ah, the beautiful Flash website that displays all the fancy graphics along with the mini text. I think we should call this mini marketing.

20/20 Internet Vision

Flash designed websites are typically done by the 20 year olds. Their eyes can see a needle in a hay stack a mile away. But, these designers forget who the target audience is when working for a client.

First off, the features on Flash typically become the choice for graphic design artists that have a flair with artistic images, colors, and styles. However, this does not always equate into smart marketing. I have been analyzing a number of all Flash websites and I can tell you with out a doubt that this stuff gets in the way. When I want to read what a company is about, and the font size automatically becomes smaller with the screen size; this is just not acceptable for Internet marketing of a B2B, B2C, or C2C E-business website. Because an all Flash website is all graphics in which the fonts are actually images in the source file; readers do not have the option to expand the text size. Browsers have the capabilities of displaying actual text in a larger font size simply by clicking view size but not with Flash.

Corporate America Leadership Decision Makers

Marketing OnlineAnyone over the age of forty can tell you that the eyes start going for close up work. Most of corporate America is build with over forty year olds in the upper management drivers seats. Sure we have a group of up and coming CEOs in their late twentys and early thirties, but why would you want to make it difficult for those older to read information on your website, particularly when it comes to such topics as strategic marketing or Internet marketing services. The whole aspect of these topics is targeting the decision makers, who are typically the older more seasoned corporate individuals.

Likewise, engineers and managers at various companies particularly in the manufacturing sector are older individuals that do not have the time to take the extra effort required to read small type. They want the option to be able to make it larger and be able to scan read for the pertinent information available on a website. Once that information is found then they might go back and delve deeper into the structure of a company or search for more on topic information within the company website itself.

I am not saying there are not successful businesses that use this graphic design software to really capture the attention of prospective customers but I have seen websites designed without using Flash that display the information extremely well, plus the user has the option to customize the font size to their taste.

Additionally, when it comes to SEO, Search Engine Optimization or SEM, Search Engine Marketing, building an all graphic designed site is probably not the smartest marketing advice. The problem is, the search engines have very little to feed their hungry robots. The search engine robots come to a Flash site and certainly they can store a website in a database, but it is very difficult to catalog the information. In much the same way that a user can not make the fonts larger, a robot can not fully see the information within the file itself. Search engine companies are working on ways of improving this but for now the process is still in the development stages.

Consider carefully what type of site you really want to start with. If you are considering changing your Internet brand image with a new business website, carefully way out the pros and cons of using all graphics for your B2B, B2C, or C2C website.

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