Thursday, October 20, 2005

Corporate Marketing With Blogs

Can it be that the online journals are becoming more of a business marketing tool for corporate America?

People still ask today, "What is a blog?" See Pro Web Blog

Some answer it is nothing more than a jiber-jab site or a diary of personal events from the mundane to the far fetched left or right.

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If that is your only perception of a blog then you have got a lot to learn.

The term Blog refers to a website log. It was shortened to Web Log and then to BLog. The beauty of a blog is the content management system which allows anyone to add, subtract, edit, post new pages, and build a website for anything and any topic. Template designs can be customized to add site navigation, branded graphic images, color and style layout changes along with other included scripts, such as affiliate advertisements, or other types of advertising feeds such as Google Adsense.

With the strength of the built-in content management system, CEOs, Presidents, Sales and Marketing personnel can very easily post new articles for the public. Another feature of the blog is the features of allowing comments from the outside readership. Comments can be turned on or off. The general etiquette is to allow comments but there may be instances where an author of a posting might what to have it remain strictly for informational purposes.

Other features of blogs include the ability to keep it private. Businesses are using private forms of blogs to communicate and share project ideas within the Local Intranet of a company. This provides the information in a chronological fashion for the group individuals to go back and verify information from earlier dates. Scientific, Business, Real Estate; just about any group of individuals can use this feature. Blogs can even be password protected to be able to span offices and employees in far-away places.

Corporations are starting to take note. Features of this phenomena is the ability to get the marketing and advertising message out to your readership. Newsletters were the rage a few years ago and while they still have there place the new hybrid is in the form of a blog. First off, it is simple to put a link together with a short message to a group of contacts with information related to your company. Being able to layout a really nice looking page on a website has the advantage of not having to consider how large a file size you are sending in your emails. Plus, an email is a one shot deal. With the information on a website it can be referred to time and time again. Additionally, many companies are not accepting attachments in emails because of the embedded viruses making it much more difficult to get your sales message out.

Take a look to see how to utilize this sales, marketing, and advertising corporate blogging tool for your company today.

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