Monday, June 06, 2005

Sales and Marketing

To become effective in sales and marketing requires a thorough understanding of the product or services represented.

internet marketing homework required

There are a number of ways that I have found my customers learning information about the end user products. One way that really has been helpful is to subscribe to online newsletters related to a specific industry.

Some B2B clients require detailed knowledge from everything from cell phone and antenna systems to nano technology. The technology used is integrated into the fabrication process of a wide range of products.

Sales and marketing today requires more reading then ever before. Technology is changing so fast that without staying up-to-date the technology may pass you by.

While our clients subscribe to ezines & read online newsletters, our company also needs to stay up to date with the same information from a sales and marketing point of view for their websites. It is not enough to just know a few of the keywords and key phrases cataloged by search engines but to have a more intimate knowledge of what the client does and who their customers are. This information can be extremely useful when it comes to advertising, editing, or copywriting for a customer's website.

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