Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Creative Marketing For Your Business

by: James A. Warholic

In today's ONLINE GLOBAL MARKETING & CREATIVE ADVERTISING world a website can not please everyone.

There are many websites that are very structured in their layout and provide services that become very familiar with the regular visitors. This can be excellent for a dedicated service or services provided for a global group of people. Other sites are much freer flowing in their layout and structure including a sense of artistic design.

As always, the most important questions to ask yourself when setting up or adding content to your website is, "Who is my target audience? What am I trying to portray?"

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Sometimes online organizations crossover many geographic and cultural bounds. Even individual pages can have a different sense of style depending on the subject matter at hand. Taking into account the literary pictures that are created in the minds of individuals and implementing this into a artistic style to accentuate and drive home a technology idea can really make a huge marketing impact. It's important to have 2020 Business Vision.

In a world where there are billions of websites with online copyright protection it is imperative that you have a design with unique content and a style that is you or your business. Creating this content can be a challenge but it is necessary for a strong online presence.

Many organizations feel that all their pages on their website must have the same "look and feel" with a menu system in the same spot on the page. These organizations picture their site as a book with chapter and page numbers for people to explore. While many sites may in fact be well versed for this type of publishing others would be much better served by taking a more artistic license and get creative in their marketing approach.

I believe that most sites are more like a LAN "local area network" setup. Every computer in a local network is connected through a hub or router to the others via a cable or wireless link. Each computer has a different personality but is part of the whole. Likewise a site is made up of individual pages with unique intellectual property with links that stretch out to other related but different cells of online information. While a person could clone each and every page to have the same graphics "look and feel" but with different content this would get rather boring for a reader after awhile.

So, if you really want to get creative, take a look at what your business does and who it serves, then jot a few intellectual property thoughts down. Develop these into more detailed concepts and tell your story. Then use the story for internet marketing and online advertising concepts related to your field.

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